Built to Take the Call

Toyne Tailored Apparatus

We make fire and rescue trucks uniquely tailored to your individual requirements. Your name is on the first sheet of metal and we build as we go, piece by piece, to your exact specifications. At Toyne, there is no such thing as mass production and no such thing as assembly lines. We have an entire team dedicated to precisely executing your vision.

We seek to be specific about your requests beginning with the very first drawing of your vehicle so we can ensure that the end product exceeds your expectations. During our stall-built production process, we also strive to make sure every detail is exactly as it should be, down to the last paint coat and final caulk line. Our heavy-duty construction, selection of high-quality materials, and design for ease of maintenance make our fire apparatus durable and dependable in all environments and conditions.

Bring your dream to our team, and together let's build a truck of the highest caliber. Let’s get started - 800.648.3358