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What It Means To Be a Toyne Dealer

When you become a Toyne dealer, you are not just a name added to a list. You become part of a 70 year tradition of quality. You join a team of professionals who share a unique passion and commitment to the fire and rescue industry. You take an unspoken oath that you will uphold uncompromising standards. As a Toyne dealer, you understand and embody the following statements:

  • Built to be trusted.
  • Built to be reliable.
  • Built to perform.
  • Built to take the call.

Our dealers can speak for themselves. Reach out to a member of our valued network and hear firsthand what being a Toyne Dealer means to them.

Dale Derner

"Toyne's fit and finish leads the fire apparatus industry in the pump compartment designs, the variety of body designs and body materials they offer. When you buy from Toyne, the customer becomes a friend for life."

-Dale Derner, Midwest Regional Sales Manager

800.648.3358 Breda, IA

"To make a long story short, the pride of craftsmanship and the overall attention to detail really caught my attention. I am honored to work for and represent Toyne, Inc. in the Western United States."

-Larry Bezemer, Western Regional Sales Manager

208.936.0914 Meridian, ID

Larry Bezemer

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Why Become A Toyne Dealer?

Toyne is not in the business of merely building trucks. We are committed to the mission of serving those who serve neighborhoods across the nation, and to being a partner they can rely upon when they have to perform at the highest level. With our Toyne Tailored Apparatus, we are dedicated to meeting each customer's unique requirements and exceeding expectations with our superior craftsmanship. As we say here at Toyne, we are Built to take the call.

"we pride ourselves on our customer service and strive to be the kind of partner that you can rely upon."

As a Toyne dealer, you can expect that same commitment from us. Being a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on our customer service and strive to be the kind of partner that you can rely upon. From being accessible to engaging in collaborative communication to developing close relationships within the network, we are by your side from day one through the life of our partnership. Below are some of the ways we have developed a dealer network built to succeed:


Becoming a Toyne dealer does not mean receiving a slip of paper and being sent out to sell. You will be welcomed with an orientation at the Annual Dealer Summit and be thoroughly introduced to products, gaining an intimate understanding of what it means to be Built to take the call. The Summit will also allow you to meet our nationwide network of dealers. With speakers, training sessions and some social time to enjoy getting to know the network, you will be completely immersed in what it means to be a member of the Toyne family.


We take great pride in the trucks we build. We want that pride to show from the first meeting through a final sale. That is why we have developed an extensive library of resources for our dealers to access and utilize in their Toyne sales efforts. This includes photos, videos, brochures, advertisements and more, as we work to continually add tools that help you effectively showcase the benefits of owning Toyne emergency apparatus.


We see communication as an integral piece in building and maintaining a successful network. That's precisely why we've created the dealer portal, which provides access to our resource library as well as current news and updates from Toyne leadership. This portal, combined with regular email updates, is vital to ensure the entire network stays informed and on the same page.

Bi-annual surveys are also conducted with our dealers to keep a pulse on the marketplace and continually receive information on the needs of the network. Dealers do not have to wait for a survey to provide feedback, as the Toyne door is always open.

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