Toyne Fire Apparatus

Custom Fire Apparatus

Armed with Toyne Tailored features and built right here in the USA, our custom fire apparatus are designed to be the ultimate weapon for firefighters in harsh environments. Toyne fire trucks are backed by an unwavering warranty and are stall built, piece by piece. Reliable, durable, and upholding of the highest safety standards, Toyne custom fire apparatus can be counted on to perform on any call.

Wondering how to get started? Bring your dream to our team and together, we’ll design a custom fire truck built just for your department.

Welcome to our world of quality. Welcome to Toyne.

Toyne Priority Response Vehicle (PRV)

Priority Response Vehicle (PRV)

Necessity meets efficiency. We created the Toyne PRV (Priority Response Vehicle) to not only be the first apparatus on the scene but to also allow you to fully customize the location of your pump panel.

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Toyne Aerial Custom Fire Apparatus


No task is out of reach with a Toyne Aerial. Whether it’s a Straight-Stick Aerial or an Aerial Platform fire truck, everything is designed with flexibility and stability in mind—as well as customizable options to ensure safety and effectiveness in every situation.

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Toyne Pumper Custom Fire Apparatus


Accessibility to the scene and to your tools is everything when lives are on the line. Our Pumpers integrate easy access with streamlined design options that give you the flexibility to meet your needs.

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Toyne Tanker Custom Fire Apparatus


Toyne constructs Tankers for optimum maneuverability with a large carrying capacity. Add in the ability for small team operability, and you have a fire truck that brings all the water you need to the scene.

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Toyne Pumper Tanker Fire Apparatus

Pumper Tanker

Take two of the toughest fire apparatus on the market and combine them, and you get the ultimate in firefighting vehicles. Toyne Pumper Tankers have the versatility, muscle and flexibility to take on any challenge.

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Toyne Rescue Trucks

Rescue Trucks

Whether you need a vehicle for rescue operations, or another specific emergency response, Toyne will custom build rescue trucks to your specifications. With the space and features you need at your fingertips, your department will be well-equipped to accomplish the task at hand.

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Toyne Rapid Attack Custom Fire Truck

Rapid Attack

When agility and maneuverability are crucial, Toyne Rapid Attack Trucks are the solution. Mini Pumpers and Brush Trucks built on smaller frames for tighter spaces pack everything you expect in a rescue apparatus into a single compact footprint.

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Toyne Wildland Custom Fire Apparatus


Designed to take on the rugged terrain of the American wilderness, Toyne Wildland, and Urban Interface fire trucks provide both form and function. Wildland trucks are available in Type 1, Type 3, or Type 6 engine configurations, to meet your needs.

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Toyne Demo Trucks


Truck City State Image
Toyne Demo 12562 Spartan SM Pumper (SOLD) Breda IA
Toyne Demo 12730 Freightliner 4-door Pumper Breda IA
Toyne Demo 12712 Freightliner 4 Door Pumper Breda IA
Toyne Demo 12715 Freightliner 2 Door Pumper Breda IA
Toyne Demo 12565 Spartan PRV-XL Pumper (SOLD) Breda IA
Toyne Demo 12568 Spartan Side Mount Pumper Breda IA
Toyne Demo 12338 Spartan TM Pumper (BPSS pumper) Breda IA



Customer City State Image
Pipe Creek Township VFD, Inc. Pumper Bunker Hill IN
Capay Valley Fire Prot. Dist.  Pumper Guinda CA
Cuba Fire Prot. Dist. Pumper Tanker Cuba MO
Ely Fire Department Pumper Tanker Ely IA
St. George Island Fire Dept.  Pumper St. George Island FL
Shelby Cty. Suburban Fire Dept.  Pumper Tanker Shelbyville KY
Northwest Fire Dist. Pumper Baldwinsville NY
Old Ford Vol. Fire Dept.  Pumper Tanker Washington NC
Wakulla County Fire/Rescue Pumper Crawfordville FL
Enfield Fire Company Pumper Tanker Ithaca NY
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