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Lyncourt Fire District

Syracuse, NY | Delivery Information File

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Lyncourt New York Aerial Delivery

“We appreciate Lyncourt returning to Toyne for another apparatus, and we were proud to build this aerial for them. We are driven to produce quality fire apparatus for all of our customers, because they bravely put their lives on the line for others every day.” Michael Schwabe,
President and CEO of Toyne, Inc.

About Lyncourt Fire Department

The Lyncourt Fire Department in Syracuse, New York is expanding its fleet with the firefighting versatility of a new aerial. Manufactured by industry-leading company Toyne Fire Apparatus, the fire truck boasts nimble maneuverability, powerful pumping and impressive reach to combat fires in tall structures or anywhere a situation arises. Continue Reading →

  • Lyncourt’s aerial includes a 110-foot, rear-mount LTC ladder, 500-gallon UPF tank, and 2,000 gum Hale Qmax-XS pump
  • This aerial is Lyncourt’s second Toyne apparatus, after purchasing a Toyne Pumper in 2014.
  • Lyncourt is located outside of Syracuse in north central New York
  • The apparatus was sold by J.P.B. Fire Services, Inc., a Toyne dealer based in Syracuse.
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