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Valley Inn Vol. Fire Dept.

Monongahela, PA | Delivery Information File

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“This apparatus is not only designed for power and performance, but it is also made to be a flexible platform for the VIVFD’s needs. Their new Toyne pumper is ready to reliably respond for years to come,” said Bill Bird, Toyne Product Support Coordinator.

About Valley Inn Volunteer Fire Department

Valley Inn Volunteer Fire Department (VIVFD) has taken delivery of their Toyne Tailored Pumper after a long journey from the Toyne headquarters in Iowa to its new home in Monongahela, Pennsylvania. The apparatus is equipped with the latest equipment and technology, ready to take the call.
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  • This custom pumper body is mounted on a Spartan Metro Star LFD chassis
  • Cab features a 10-inch raised roof and has seating for six firefighters, with two more jump seats at the ready
  • A 380-horsepower Cummins ISL 9 engine and an Allison 3000 EVS transmission combine to create a robust powertrain
  • It is equipped with a 1,000-gallon UPF tank, and a 1,500 GPM enclosed side-mount Waterous CSU pump
  • Storage just above the wheel wells is designed to hold eight SCBA bottles, and the wheel well opposite of the fuel filler inlet has a slide-out floor dry compartment
  • Dedicated holds in the back of the apparatus were built for slide-in hard suction, ladder, and pike pole storage
  • In the rear of the pumper, Toyne made slide-in storage for a ladder, pike pole, and hard suction hose

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