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Templeton Fire Dept.

Baldwinville, MA | Delivery Information File

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“The fabrication of the Toyne equipment is phenomenal. Everything looks well and fits well. The flexibility of being able to customize things the way you want has been a great help. This whole process is new for us, to be involved in speccing out a truck. The process was very pleasing. It went really well and we are happy with the product. We would definitely recommend it.” – Deputy Chief Richard Paine, Templeton Fire Department

About Templeton Fire Department

Templeton Fire Department welcomed its first Toyne Pumper to their fleet of apparatus – located in Baldwinville, Massachusetts. This is also the department’s first new apparatus in over a decade. Their customized Toyne will be replacing a truck that has been in service since 1987. The pumper will increase the firefighting strength and capabilities of the department.
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  • The pumper is mounted on a Spartan Metro Star MFD chassis with a 10-inch raised roof cab
  • Fitted with a Hale Qmax pump, water can be pumped out at 1,500 gallons per minute
  • Further fire suppression capabilities were made with the addition of an Elkhart Kit 2 foam system
  • C&S Specialty sold the apparatus to the department

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