Toyne Delivers Quality, Durability and Precision


Breda, Iowa - Before you even order your apparatus from Toyne, a partnership with your department is formed. A commitment and a promise are made that your order will be produced solely for your needs. The Toyne team will stand behind your team and their product.

"Everybody keeps asking me why we keep coming back to Toyne," said Scott Hyde, Fire Chief of the Albion Fire & Rescue Department in Albion, PA. "If you take the time to really look at their vehicles, the craftsmanship is (at) 100 percent. To be honest with you, it was the only company that still shakes your hand and tells you, 'Chief, we are going to be with you from day one, and for the rest of your life.'"

To hear more about what Chief Hyde has to say about Toyne, click here.

June Lake Fire Department, in June Lake, CA., recently took delivery of a Toyne truck, and were so impressed with the style and durability, they wanted to share it with others.

"Thank you for such a beautiful apparatus," they wrote. "It will serve our community for many years to come."

And, the crew at the Whispering Pines Volunteer Fire Department in Rapid City, S.D., found out right after receipt of their Pumper/Tender how their custom-built Toyne apparatus delivers on their true needs.

"Our maiden voyage was a Tender Task Force Mutual Aid call into Rapid City at a structure fire," they reported. "We were the first tender in. When they found out about our capabilities, they changed our task from a 'tender shuttling water,' to the 'water supply engine' (pumping our 2,500 gallons of on-board-carried water through LDH, and drafting out of port-a-tanks) to support the firefighting operation. This incident reinforced our design concept as being a sound one - that of transitioning from one operational role to another as needed. The operation was very smooth, given the 'ease-of-setup' features designed into the truck. Needless to say, everybody involved in this operation was pretty impressed. Pretty cool. We are very pleased with the overall design and quality of workmanship. This Toyne Pumper/Tender has exceeded our expectations. Thanks for making our concept an awesome reality."