Hampton Falls Fire Department Adds Toyne Pumper Tanker To Its Fleet


Huntley Fire Toyne Pumper

Hampton Falls, NH (July 1, 2020) – The Hampton Falls Fire Department (HFFD) has received delivery of their first Toyne Pumper Tanker. The new engine is replacing the department’s older apparatus that has served this crew for nearly 29 years. Designated as “Engine 9,” the Toyne Tailored Apparatus is fully customized to fulfill the needs of Hampton Falls’ firefighters and their community for years to come.

The HFFD serves 2,300 residents in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. Operating out of a single fire station, the department’s 40 firefighters respond to over 300 fire and EMS calls each year. They also assist surrounding communities when needed. Even though the size of the community they serve might be considered small to some, this group of firefighters has made an impact locally and nationally.

In addition to responding to emergencies, the department is involved in many educational and donation programs in Hampton Falls. This includes hosting blood drives, wildfire awareness events with Smokey Bear, and participating in local library educational programs.

In 2018, Fire Chief Jay Lord was named New Hampshire’s Emergency Manager of the Year for his two decades of volunteer work with New Hampshire’s Forest and Lands Wildland Fire Control. With that group, he has been part of firefighting efforts to stop wildfires across the United States. Lord and other volunteers have also assisted with cleanup efforts in Florida and Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

“It was a privilege to work with the Hampton Falls Fire Department and build an apparatus for a team of firefighters that do so much for their community and the communities of others,” said Michael Schwabe, President of Toyne, Inc. “This Toyne Pumper Tanker will be ever-ready to serve alongside these firefighters when they take the call–wherever that may be.”

HFFD’s pumper tanker is constructed with a bolted painted stainless steel body mounted to a Spartan Metro Star EMFD chassis. Powering this apparatus is a 450-horsepower Cummins ISL 9 engine and an Allison 3000 EVS transmission. Toyne has maximized every ounce of space on this rig, outfitting it with the latest technology and equipment.

The apparatus’ ladders and pike poles are stowed with a hydraulic rack. Hard suction hoses are kept in a rear slide-in storage area. The wheel well compartments are designed to hold eight SCBA bottles. A rear-mounted ladder allows Hampton Falls firefighters to have easy access to the hose bed. Additional customized storage options enable the apparatus to be set up for different emergency situations.

Fire suppression is achieved through the pumper tanker’s enclosed side-mount Waterous CSU pump (capable of pumping 1,500 GPM) and a Task Force Tips XG-18 Extenda Gun monitor. An on-board UPF tank supplies up to 1,500 gallons of water. Engine 9 has multiple discharge and intake points throughout the front, rear, and sides of the apparatus.

This pumper tanker was sold to HFFD by Eastern Fire Apparatus, which serves New Hampshire and other areas of New England.

For more information about the Hampton Falls Fire Department, visit their Facebook page.

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