Cherry Valley Joint Fire District Take Delivery of First Toyne Pumper Tanker


Cherry Valley, NY - The Cherry Valley Joint Fire District (CVJFD) has taken delivery of its first Toyne Apparatus, a fully customized pumper tanker. This apparatus will replace an older pumper tanker and enhance the response capabilities for a fire department that has protected countless generations of community members in Cherry Valley, New York.

Established over two hundred years ago in 1813, Cherry Valley Joint Fire District is the 10th oldest continuously operating fire department in the United States. The department has diligently served the Town of Cherry Valley and surrounding New York communities since its inception. Their deep-rooted history is a central piece of the department’s identity, as they still have their fire pumper from 1814, which is on display at the local museum.

Today, CVJFD has more than 45 firefighters and operates out of one station to oversee a territory that covers 86 square miles. In 2018, the department responded to more than 85 calls. Outside of emergency response, Cherry Valley volunteers are very much involved in their community. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the department has been boosting the local moral by conducting an apparatus parade to help children and the elderly celebrate their birthdays with a friendly drive past their houses.

“Cherry Valley firefighters have an unwavering commitment and dedication to the members of their community. That makes us even more proud to have created a Toyne Tailored Pumper Tanker for them,” said Bill Bird, Toyne Product Support Coordinator. “This pumper tanker is made to fit their needs for the future.”

The department’s Toyne Pumper Tanker has a body that’s stall built with bolted painted stainless steel, ensuring the rig will withstand the onslaught of round-the-clock emergency response. Several spacious storage compartments are donning Toyne’s custom slide-out shelving throughout the apparatus, ideal for packing every tool of the trade. Rear slide-in hard suction and pike pole storage, Zico Hydraulic Ladder Rack, and a hosebed access ladder optimize storage space while offering easy access for the firefighters.

The apparatus body is mounted on a two-door Freightliner M2 106 chassis. For additional utility, this Freightliner is equipped with front-mounted tow hooks. Driving this pumper tanker is a 375-horsepower Detroit DD 8.7 engine and an Allison 3000 EVS transmission.

Water is kept in a 2,000-gallon UPF tank and monitored by an ICI SL Plus Tank Gauge. The pumper tanker is fitted with a Darley LDM pump capable of moving water at 1,250 gallons per minute. Additional fire suppression is obtained with a Foam Pro 2001 Class A foam system and a 25-gallon foam tank. Water intake and discharge points can be found throughout the apparatus.

The department’s order was secured by authorized Toyne Dealer, Shakerley Fire Truck Sales. This apparatus represents the 100th Toyne sold by Shakerley, a significant milestone. The dealer is proud to share this achievement with Cherry Valley, who has been a long-standing customer of Shakerley Fire Truck Sales for over 30 years. Toyne extends its congratulations to the Shakerley team and CVJFD on this accomplishment.

“Hats off to everyone at Shakerley Fire Truck Sales, reaching this landmark number of 100 Toyne apparatus sold is truly awe-inspiring,” said Mike Schwabe, President of Toyne, Inc. “Their level of passion and commitment to serve those who serve is what makes us proud to have Shakerley as a part of our dedicated dealer network. Congratulations!”

For more information about the Cherry Valley Joint Fire District, visit their Facebook page.

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