Hagerstown Volunteer Fire Department Bolsters Capabilities With New Toyne Pumper

Toyne Pumper Fire Truck Delivery

Hagerstown, IN (January 1, 2022) – Taking delivery of a brand new, custom-built Toyne Pumper, the Hagerstown Volunteer Fire Department (HVFD) has enhanced its overall emergency response capabilities. This is the department’s first Toyne apparatus. 

Established in 1874, this fire department has been keeping a watchful eye on the residents of Hagerstown for nearly 150 years. Today, the department covers a 26-mile territory, protecting nearly 5,300 citizens. Along with serving members of its own community, they also provide mutual aid to 12 other departments. HVFD currently has a Class 4 ISO rating, the Insurance Services Office's best rating. 

The 25 members of HVFD are trained to not only provide fire protection but are also skilled in handling auto extractions, farm incidents, water rescues, hazardous materials accidents, and urban confined space search and rescue. This more-than-capable team of firefighters needed a new apparatus that was every bit as accomplished as they are. For this, HVFD tasked Toyne to build such an apparatus. 

The tailored pumper has a body that was built with bolted painted stainless steel. The body has several different storage options. Main storage compartments on each side of the apparatus are accessible with ROM roll-up doors. Firefighters can quickly access tools for the job as these compartments feature mounted, slide-out, and swing-out tool boards. Toyne installed custom slide-out shelving and in-compartment drawer storage. 

This pumper boasts a 750-gallon UPF tank and 1,250 GPM Waterous CS pump. A Foam Pro 2001 Class-A foam system and 25-gallon foam cell provide additional fire suppression options. The front bumper features a master intake with a pre-connected hard suction hose. HVFD’s pumper also features an Akron Streamaster monitor with a 12” riser. 

Toyne mounted the body onto a Spartan Metro Star LFD chassis. Under the hood is a 400-horsepower Cummins ISL 9 engine and an Allison 3000 EVS transmission. The cab of the Metro Star has a 10” raised roof, seating for up to six firefighters and an in-cab Firecom radio system with mounted headsets. 

The apparatus is outfitted with an array of different lighting such as Whelen warning lighting, an FRC SPA830-Q28 LED brow light, Whelen LED arrowstick, and ILI LED strip compartment lighting. To light up the environment during emergencies, the pumper has Whelen scene lights and PFCH LED telescoping lights.

“The firefighters in the Hagerstown Volunteer Fire Department have an unwavering commitment and dedication to the members of their community. That makes us at Toyne even more proud to have created a customized pumper for them,” said Bill Bird, Toyne Product Support Coordinator. “This pumper will make the department more effective on the scene.”

This Toyne pumper was sold to HVFD by Donely Safety. The Toyne Authorized Dealer is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, and serves customers throughout the region. 

For more information about the Hagerstown Volunteer Fire Department, visit their Facebook page at Facebook.com/HagersTownIndianaFireDepartment. 

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