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You put your life on the line day-in and day-out and understand just how critical the fire apparatus is to your team's success. Being confident that you have the quality you need when you need it is imperative. But we don't want you to just take our word for it. We know you trust what your fellow firefighters use and recommend, and they recommend Toyne.

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Toyn - Warren Fire Department Toyn - Warren Fire Department

Nevada Fire Department

"Our department was faced with replacing a 25-year-old apparatus. In 2017 we replaced our city engine with a Toyne. The look of the apparatus conveyed professionalism and really contributed to a change in attitude for our department. The entire department had some piece of ownership in the design and Toyne built our engine the way we wanted it for our needs. As a result, it is the one apparatus with 100% department-wide buy-in. It is easy to train and operate. Naturally, when it came time to purchase a second apparatus, Toyne was our obvious choice. To get twin apparatus with the same look and feel makes the department very amped up to get our new vehicle in the fire house. Your process was great and you made us feel like you only build trucks for us as we sat in the pre-construction meeting."

-Ray Reynolds, Nevada Fire Department

Toyn - Warren Fire Department

Fire Department Testimonials

Sumter South Carolina Pumper Delivery Testimonial

Testimonial highlighting the delivery of the latest Toyne Pumper to the Sumter South Carolina Fire Department.

Great Bend Kansas Pumper Delivery and Testimonial

Testimonial highlighting the delivery of the latest Toyne Pumper to the Great Bend Kansas Fire/EMS Department.

Hanover TWP Pumper Delivery and Testimonial

Video highlighting the delivery of a Toyne Pumper to the Hanover Township Fire Department in Hanoverton, Ohio. Also includes testimonial from Fire Chief Tim Wood.

Verona Pennsylvania Pumper Delivery Testimonial

Testimonial highlighting the delivery of the latest Toyne Pumper to the Verona Pennsylvania Fire Company.

Toyn - Warren Fire Department

"On behalf of the officers and membership of the Warren Fire Department, Mechanics Fire Engine Co. #2, thank you. We love our new engine. The membership loves the workmanship that the men and women of Toyne put into this engine. The new engine was finally lettered once it got to RI. I just love showing this machine off and bragging about it. Once again, thank you."

-Patrick M. O'Brien, Captain, Mechanics Fire Engine Co #2

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Priotity Response Vehicle - Enterprise Fire Company

"It has been a very good and positive experience working with Toyne. This company takes so much pride in what they build. I would not hesitate to recommend other departments to buy a Toyne. As a new chief, it makes me feel good knowing it will do what it needs to do when needed."

-Ed Mason, Fire Chief, Enterprise Fire Company

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Wildland Fire Truck

"The Dickinson Rural Fire Department currently has 4 trucks built by Toyne with a fifth currently being built and a sixth in the design phase. Every truck has been built to our exact specifications followed up with Toyne's expertise. Every truck has been delivered with perfection and first-rate customer service!"

-Todd Ehresmann, Dickinson Rural Fire Department

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Branson West, MI Engines

"One of the first visits we had from Toyne included the president of the company. That family-style approach has been consistent throughout our association with Toyne. Quality apparatus at a fair price, with a support network that really feels like friends and family.

We purchased 4 units. 2 commercial tanker/tenders, and 2 custom engines. All have performed well. Any issues we have encountered have been handled quickly and professionally. From our dealer, Tri-Lakes Fire Apparatus, all the way through the purchasing process, and after, Toyne has delivered everything as promised."

-Keith Wolven, Southern Stone County Fire Protection District

Foscoe, NC Engine

"A lot of truck companies try to sell you what they want you to have. At Toyne the trucks are built the way we want them. They are completely custom and, 99 percent of the time, they make our crazy ideas work.

We get a lot of calls and our dealer sends customers over to see our [Toyne] trucks. We can answer any questions they have and they can see for themselves how the Toyne trucks have handled the wear and tear, the salt and the weather over the years and are nothing but quality, from the oldest to the newest in our fleet."

-Matt Aldridge, Fire Chief, Foscoe, NC Volunteer Fire Department

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Riverton, IA Toyne Pumpers

"I think our truck is an extremely good-looking truck. You guys did an awesome job! Our 2nd due out pumper was a custom-ordered Toyne back in 1982 as well. Both trucks perform top notch and turn heads."

-Nathaniel Fengel, Riverton, IA Volunteer Fire and Rescue

Fletcher Ohio - Toyne Pumper

"On Easter morning, Fletcher, Ohio's new Toyne Pumper was put to the test during its first fire as the apparatus helped stopped a raging blaze from destroying a barn. Four surrounding departments provided mutual aid, but the 2014 Toyne/Spartan 1500 GPM Pumper did all the work. The pump operator said the air priming system was able to draft almost instantly through its pre-connected front suction. Fletcher, OH took delivery of their stainless steel rig early this year."

-Dave Fornell, Toyne Dealer

Albion, PA Fire Chief Scott Hyde talks about why he chooses Toyne Fire Apparatus.

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Whispering Pines Engine

"Our maiden voyage was a Tender Taskforce Mutual Aid call into Rapid City at a structure fire.  We were the first tender in.  When they found out about our capabilities, they changed our task from a 'tender shuttling water' to 'the water supply engine' (pumping our 2500-gallons of on-board carried water thru LDH, and drafting out of port-a-tanks) to support the firefighting operation.  This incident re-enforced our design concept as being a sound one – that of transitioning from one operational role to another as needed.  The operation was very smooth given the 'ease of set-up' features designed into the truck.  Needless to say, everybody involved the operation was pretty impressed. Pretty cool.

We are very pleased with the overall design and quality of workmanship. This Pumper / Tender has exceeded our expectations. Thanks for making our concept an awesome reality."

-Whispering Pine, SD

Chartiers Township Engine

"On behalf of the Chartiers Township Volunteer Fire Department, I would like to sincerely thank you and your staff for the outstanding job and efforts in the construction of the new fire apparatus for our department.

Starting with the sales agent (Brian Kokkila), your in-house personnel (Billco Bird ), your construction team leader (Dan Blum ) and everyone involved in the planning, design, engineering, assembly, and construction, the project was a very very successful project.

I have been involved with the fire service for over 30 years and have found your company outstanding to work with on a fire apparatus construction project.

As our inspection, test drive, pump op's demo concluded yesterday I walked through the plant and tried to personally thank as many of your production staff as I could meet along the way with a handshake and personel thanks of a job well done.

This is our second Toyne apparatus we have purchased and look forward to keeping a relationship going into the future."

-Jeff Simpson, President, Chartiers Township Volunteer Fire Department, Buildings & Grounds Supervisor

June Lake Fire Dept.

"Thank you for such a beautiful apparatus! It will serve our community for many years to come."

-June Lake, CA Fire Department

Toyne Dealer Network Testimonials

Dale Derner

"I appreciate Toyne's ability to "custom-build" specifically what the Fire Department needs at an affordable price, especially the attention to quality and detail that goes into every apparatus. Toyne's fit and finish leads the fire apparatus industry in the pump compartment designs, the variety of body designs and body materials they offer. I like the fact that any of the customers can call up and talk to the President, Mike Schwabe. He is a "hands-on" type of guy. Another great thing about Toyne is when a customer does a final inspection on the apparatus that Toyne has built for them, there are very few, if any, items that need to be taken care of. Toyne is a first-class fire apparatus manufacturer that stands behind every truck that goes out the door. When you buy from Toyne, the customer becomes a friend for life. I've been selling Toyne for over 20 years, and love it every day!"

-Dale Darner, Midwest Regional Sales Manager

800.648.3358 Breda, IA

Larry Bezemer

"I had not heard of Toyne Fire Apparatus until I had the opportunity to view one at the 1999 New York State Association of Fire Chiefs in Syracuse, NY. Dick Shakerley of VRS Sales, my New York Dealer at the time, pointed one out to me. The first thing I noticed was that even though it was not flashy, it was extremely well built. The gaps around the doors, the pump house to body/cab alignment, the welds—to make a long story short, the pride of craftsmanship and the overall attention to detail really caught my attention. That attention to detail continues to this day, and is apparent and appreciated by both our customers and dealers alike during final inspections. I am honored to work for and represent Toyne, Inc. in the Western United States."

-Larry Bezemer, Western Regional Sales Manager

208.608.5786 Meridian, ID