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We designed our Toyne Tanker fire apparatus for optimum maneuverability with a large carrying capacity, while also being capable of being operated by a small number of trained personnel. With a range of 2,000–4,000 gallon capacities, we’ll help you select the ideal size for your department. This fire truck body can be constructed of stainless steel or aluminum. We stand behind all of our quality products and this Toyne apparatus type is no exception. All of our poly tanks are backed with a lifetime warranty. Stainless steel plumbing and additional portable pumps allow for an effective response as soon as the fire tanker arrives on the scene.


Toyne offers multiple dump chute options including a stainless steel swivel dump, stainless steel dump valve with aluminum hinged chute, stainless steel dump valve with electric chute and valve with the option for in-cab controls, or a three chute manifold system for the rear of the body.


In addition to the main in-body tank, the Toyne tanker/tender fire truck also packs a portable water storage tank, capable of giving you access to another 1,000–3,500 gallons of firefighting power. These steel or aluminum-frame tanks are configurable with a variety of storage options, including slide-in through tank, slide-in on edge, manual portable tank racks, or a Zico hydraulic rack with optional covering.


Booster reels can be notched in the upper rear corner of the tank with a hinge down door, above the pump in the dunnage area or in front of the hose bed, in any compartment specified by the department or under the cab depending on the chassis.


Choose the pump panel location that best fits your needs. Pump controls can be in the driver front compartment for PTO pumps, side or top-mounted, or compartment mounted for portable pumps.


Intuitively designed ladder storage through the tank, in the hose bed, or on the exterior of the body above the low-side compartments maximizes your apparatus’ carrying capacity and puts more gear at your fingertips.


When drafting becomes necessary, it’s critical for your hard suction hoses to be right at hand. Toyne tanker/tender fire trucks offer hard suction storage options enclosed above the low-side compartment, exterior-mounts above each high- or low-side compartment, rear slide-ins, or enclosed above the high-side compartments.


The Wetside tanker/tender fire trucks can be customized with a PTO 500, 750, or 1,000 GPM pump, and either a 2,100 gallon single-axle or 3,000 gallon tandem-axle configuration. The treadplate body is available with either one or two compartments per side and features portable tank and suction hose storage. Multiple rear-fill options include a 2.5 or 4-inch with butterfly valve, or 2.5 or 4-inch Fireman’s Friend valve.


With Elliptical tanker/tender fire trucks, your department will have the muscle to take on any challenge. A driveline mid-ship pump from Hale, Waterous, or Darley, or PTO pump with 750–2,000 GPM capabilities take performance to the next level, while the stainless steel-wrapped 1,800–3,500 gallon tank from UPF ensures your apparatus outlasts even the toughest fire. Additional features include one 60-inch wide compartment on each side, multiple side mount crosslay and tank fill options, suction hose storage, and a three-dump valve system.

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